The Living Room Life Center

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Our Life Center

Our Life Center provides a place of community, dignity and hope. You will find friendship and experience the sweet sounds of laughter all around in this warm and loving environment. Whatever the need we are here to give support.

Our Hours

Please note: Public walk-in hours have been updated

Mondays – Fridays – 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM


Our Location

1335 North DuttoN Ave

Santa Rosa, CA 95401




  • Resources for housing, food, medical care, employment and transportation
  • Peer support and mentoring (women with similar life experiences)
  • Computer classes and free computer lab with phone charging
  • CalFresh, Medical, WIC, EBT (Nutrition supplementary programs)
  • SSDI, SSI, SDI assistance
  • Legal Aid
  • Art and Journaling Therapy
  • Continental breakfast and heat-to-order lunch
  • Classes and support groups
  • Translating Services (Spanish/English)
  • Respite Room
  • Voter Registration
  • and much more!

Future Programs: Music, Dental and Self-Defense


  • Referencias para vivienda, alimentación, atención médica y transporte
  • CalFresh, programa de asistencia nutricional suplementaria (tarjeta de EBT), WIC, MediCal, Asistencia SSI, SSDI, SDI
  • Apoyo con currículum de trabajo y habilidades de entrevista
  • Computadoras y estación de carga del teléfono
  • Registro de votantes
  • Grupo de recuperación
  • Terapia de arte
  • Asistencia legal
  • Cuarto de descanso
  • Apoyo de campañeras
  • Servicios de traducción
  • Y mucho más!

Programación en el futuro: Música, Dental and Defensa Propia 

We are a one-of-a-kind center and many women and children of Sonoma County rely on our resources to help them along their life journey. This year we are on a mission to raise one million dollars to secure a building for our services and programs. This is The Living Room Life Center. 

“The Living Room is the one place I’m valued, encouraged, appreciated, and promoted… they have my back no questions asked. They unconditionally care and love you in your journey. Your job is to change for the better.”
— Julia, Participant